We support creatives to listen to their inner voice so that they can discover endless possibilities.

We address your specific needs by providing a customized framework to help you see what's truly important to you, identify your personal values, choose the journey you want to take, and uncover your purpose in life.

We support students who are transitioning from collage to the workforce and professionals seeking to make a career change. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops, we provide services for individuals and organizations.

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"I help creatives unpack their career-blockers so they can become top performers in any capacity."

Sacsha's personal journey to self discovery.

At the beginning

After working over a decade in the fashion industry, I decided to discover new opportunities!

While I wouldn't recommend just quitting, letting go was what I felt I had to do at the time. Working as a designer for major top retailers had its perks, but I knew I wanted more out of life. But what did more look like to me?

All I knew was throughout my career, I’d struggled to find what I truly wanted out of life. After taking some time to soul search and reimagine, I was able to find my purpose. Who knew it would have come through advising and coaching other creatives? Having gone through plenty of incoherent moments, I knew others could relate to and benefit from my tips on creating a fulfilling career and life. 

My journey

In a search for my purpose, I worked odd jobs, freelanced, and took some much-needed time to re-envision what I wanted. I can honestly say that soul searching wasn't easy—the struggle was real until I stopped fighting the process and learned to embrace it. When I became clearer on what I wanted and more open to opportunities, endless possibilities presented themselves. And still do.

My journey has taught me that I love supporting creatives with their career development. And that transitioning my skills into coaching is a natural fit.

For five years, I worked as a Student Success Advisor at Parsons School of Design where I coached fashion students, career-changers, and alums to reach their academic/career goals. I also worked as a Creative Talent Manager at Alexander Wang Inc. where I managed all creative recruitment and employee development. And today, I lead the Office for Career and Internship Services at the New York School of Interior Design and work independently with clients at Nu Phase. 

My approach

What we want out of our careers and life depends on our willingness to look within and discover our roadblocks.

Through my nontraditional approach, I dig into my client's biggest career-blockers and together we come up with actionable steps for better outcomes.

Having gone through the ups and downs myself, I know what it takes to achieve fulfillment and want to share my many tips and tricks to help creatives lead successful careers and rewarding lives.

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